Mrs. Tames

Marsha is truly one of the best at her job, and she actually goes that extra mile – plus another mile! The friends I have spoken with have said that Marsha is not only great at her job, but she goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect her clients’ best interests. 

If you are considering listing your home, I have watched Marsha do pre-MLS (multi-listing service) marketing that has sold homes before they even hit the market. She does not place your house on the internet and wait for something to happen she works the market/internet until it sells. That being said, the marketing is done with your terms and conditions for the best sale in mind. 

Marsha is also very good at helping you find the right home for the right price if you are looking to purchase – which I have seen her do through mutual friends. She will walk you through every step to ensure that you are as well educated about the home you are buying or selling as she is. No stone is left unturned.

I have no doubt that once you have met her, you will know that she is the right person to help you. Give her a call – you will be glad you did!