Mr. & Mrs. Toomey

After having our house on the market for over a year and working with several real estate agents, we turned to Marsha. She proved to be a real estate agent who clearly communicated her plan of action and then promptly and efficiently carried through with each detail of the plan until our house was sold.

There were never any surprises or disappointments in this process; in short, Marsha did exactly what she said that she’d do. She responded to every email and inquiry in a timely and professional manner and handled difficult conversations and situations with calmness and clarity. She modified our listing weekly so that it would constantly be present in electronic mailings to other brokers and potential clients and did everything possible to ensure that our listing was distributed and marketed effectively.

Throughout this process she never wavered in her position as our advocate and consistently operated with our best interests in mind: we were clearly informed and supported from start to finish.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary and reliable real estate agent, Marsha Ross should undoubtedly be your choice.